Shrewsbury School

Mathematicians place 2nd in UK and 123rd in the world in global competition

Thursday 5 May 2022

A team of Salopians entered a global Maths competition and placed 123rd in the world.  

The Purple Comet is an international online Maths Competition in which a team of six pupils must answer as many of the 30 challenging questions as they can in 90 minutes.   

The Shrewsbury team consisted of Saku N (O, UVI), Joyce L (M, LVI), Chloe J (MSH, LVI), Darren C (CH, LVI), Michael M (S, LVI) and Tom P (Ch, LVI). 

Almost 1000 teams entered the division, with Salopians placing 123rd in the world and 2nd in the UK. 

In this competition, cooperation and playing to their strengths is key, as there is little chance one person could solve them all in the allotted time. 

The final five questions are extremely difficult and well beyond the level of the UK Senior Maths Challenge with which they may be familiar. 

Well done to our mathematicians.  

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