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Merry music-making with vocal ensemble 'Juice'

Friday 19 September 2014

Our GCSE and A level Music students were lucky enough to enjoy an inspiring workshop with one of the UK, leading vocal ensembles - and later performed with them in concert.

Director of Music John Moore writes:
Juice are one of the UK's leading vocal ensembles, comprising three female singers, all of whom have simply breathtaking voices and incredibly flexible techniques. This was their first visit to the School to perform, and on Thursday afternoon this week they led a fascinating workshop with 30 or so Shrewsbury School pupils. There was a lovely Salopian connection with the group in that Sarah Dacey, one of the trio, is the daughter of Richard Dacey, who was Chapel Choir Master here in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The workshop covered some brilliant vocal warm-ups, learning a four-part piece from scratch, which the students then performed in the evening concert with Juice themselves, as well as an intriguing sound-piece involving reading from newspapers and building vocal textures based on and stimulated by the news items themselves. With the performers in the evening suddenly producing newspapers and performing the piece from within the audience itself unannounced, it created quite a stir!

As a vocal trio, Juice are passionate about contemporary work, but this is always delivered in an accessible way, whilst never selling the artistic integrity of what they do short. There were some stunning pieces in their concert in the evening, and those Salopians who took part will remember both the experience of the workshop and taking part in such a professional moment for a long time. We hope very much to see and hear more of Juice in the future at Shrewsbury.

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