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Michaelmas Term charity fundraising total reaches £22,000

Thursday 7 December 2017

A huge thank you to everyone who has given of their time, energy and cash to support the Shrewsbury School charity fundraising efforts.

We started the term with a Triathlon of Charity Events, with the Headmaster himself leading the pack. Mark Turner cycled 100 miles, Rigg’s ran 117km in a shared relay, and Severn Hill swam the English Channel with the slogan: ‘60 boys, 23 lengths, 21 miles, in one large pool’. The Shewsy, Alder Hey Hospital and Medic Malawi were the delighted beneficiaries.

The Houses have taken seriously the challenge to make sure that charity fundraising begins at home and have set themselves some challenging targets. 

Mary Sidney Hall is determined to make sure that they support a Kenyan girl, through the charity ‘Precious Sisters’, for the entire time she is in secondary education. As they pointed out, they can cover her annual school fees with the equivalent of two coffees and a pizza from every girl in the House.

Moser's, Ridgemount and Ingram's are also sponsoring a child’s education in countries with no free schooling.

Churchill’s has been supporting a school in earthquake-damaged Haiti, and their fundraising has gained extra impetus since Housemaster Richard Hudson visited it at Half-Term.

Oldham’s, as is their annual tradition, hosted a Christmas party for the elderly of Shrewsbury, with carols, quiz, cake, sherry and a gift from Santa.

Our joint activities with the Shewsy this academic year include the five Lower Sixth Form Social Studies visits, Outdoor Week trips, a football match, a Day Out at Shrewsbury School for the Shewsy’s Junior Club (organised by the Postors), and a Third Formers’ confidence-building workshop. In July 2018 there will be another joint Shrewsbury School/Shewsy visit to Medic Malawi. The Medic Malawi team have designed a pilot Christmas card, and are testing the waters this year, anticipating bulk orders next October.  They are gearing up for their All-Night Sports event in February.

Audiences at concerts and plays have continued to be generous, and the support of parents, relatives, friends and staff is warmly appreciated.

The Michaelmas Term’s overall fundraising total is a fabulous £22,000.  Thank you!

Lesley Drew, Charities Co-ordinator

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