Shrewsbury School

Mock Election Hustings

Monday 9 December 2019

In preparation for the General Election on 12th December, Shrewsbury School ran its own Mock Election, including a hustings for all election candidates on 5th December.

The five candidates came fully prepared and ready to deliver their pitches for the hearts and minds of the gathered potential voters.

Sophia Bureau opened the proceedings with a smooth, knowledgeable and well-delivered speech on behalf of the Green Party. She then ably fielded a range of well-aimed questions from the audience and proved to be entirely unflappable under pressure.

Dominic Inglis-Jones, the only Fifth Former among seasoned Upper Sixth candidates, then stepped up to the lectern on behalf of the Conservative Party, speaking from the heart and looking entirely at home in this highly eloquent company.

This was followed by an equally impassioned and articulate speech by Tom Jackson on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. The confidence of his response to questions from the floor would have put any professional politician to shame.

Then it was the turn of the ‘dark horse’, the relatively unknown and quiet candidate representing the Labour Party, Finn Sansom. He addressed an audience that had no natural leaning towards Labour but by the end of his performance, he had won round a significant proportion of the undecided voters with his persuasive conviction.

The candidate for the Libertarian Party, Milton Tai, was unable to attend and had sent his campaign manager Joe Meisner in his place. Faced with the task of persuading the audience to accept outrageous policies, he used his natural skills of humour to good effect.

With a continuous stream of intelligent questions thoughout the proceedings from the audience, the event showcased Salopian political engagement at its best.

Mr Zafar

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