Shrewsbury School

Modern Languages Speaking Competition

Friday 20 June 2014

From du Bellay to Prévert; from Goethe to Biermann; and from Francisco de Quevedo to Neruda  - the range of recitations at the inaugural Modern Languages Speaking Competition on Tuesday 17th June provided the audience with a wonderful sweep across the poetry of France, Spain and Germany.

They also enjoyed a wonderful recitation of a speech by Robespierre given by Jamie Nugent (SH LVI – particularly impressive as French is not one of the subjects he is currently studying.

Twenty-nine students entered the competition, which was adjudicated by the three language assistants, Cordula Wordie (German Language Assistant), Charlène Piquard (Bordeaux  Fellow) and Ana Paula Suárez (Hispanic Fellow). Their judging criteria included interpretation of the poem, delivery, performance and pronunciation.
The following prizes were awarded:

Angus Moore (S 3) – A une passante by Charles Baudelaire
Jamie Nugent (SH LVI) – speech by Robespierre
Artem Stopnevich (R 3) – Le Cancre by Jacques Prévert

Daniel Lo (SH LVI) – Oktoberlied by Theodor Storm
Bertie Gilliat-Smith (O LVI) – Heidensroslein by Goethe
Runner-up: Harry Al Adwani (SH LVI) – Mailied by Goethe

Harry Al Adwani (SH LVI) – A un gato by J-L Borges
Jesse Mattinson (Rb IV) – Oda a la cebolla by Pablo Neruda

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