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Netball: Silver medal at the annual Malvern St James Tournament

Sunday 5 February 2012

With our larger cohort of Sixth Form girls this year, we were able to enter two teams into the Malvern St James netball tournament for the first time.  Our A team were runners-up in their pool, winning Silver medals - our first-ever Netball medal win!  Our B team were also runners-up in their pool, and came 4th overall.  This was the culmination of an outstanding week for our netball teams - they continue to perform superbly in the Tuesday evening Harper Adams League – another win last Tuesday night, and both the 1st & 2nd VII defeated Adams Grammar School on Wednesday afternoon.

Shrewsbury travelled to the Malvern St James netball tournament on Saturday 4th February. Previous years the tournament has always been competitive, but very enjoyable. With encouraging results from netball fixtures so far this term and the continuation of Tuesday evening league, we were looking forward to the challenge, and for the first time we had 2 teams in the tournament. The tournament was divided into 2 pools; Division A and Division B, each game lasting 8 minutes in length, with 2 minute change over. The winners of Division A played the runners up of Division B and then the winners of Division B played the Runners up of Division A which lead to the final.   

Photo -  Katy Mason-Jones, Elen Murphy, Eli Palje Rhys-Davies, Lucy Emms, Alice Paul, Hannah Pritchard, Rebecca Haynes.

In the A division, Shrewsbury 1st VII came up against a very high standard, quick moving Christ College netball team and had fought back to a 4-4 score until Christ College pulled away to win 7-4. However, we came back with strength against Edgbaston High School and played to our full potential demonstrating clean, clear passing and excellent movement around court to win 7-5. The confidence of the team grew when it came to playing Malvern St James 2 and the excellent playing continued with beautiful movement of the ball from centre third into the goal third, and very tight marking by defence provided Shrewsbury with an 11-0 win. Our final game in Division A was against a strong Kings School; there were slight mistakes on both sides, however an evenly matched game to finish 5-5. 

Shrewsbury 1st VII came Runners up in Division A and had to meet Malvern St James 1 (Winners of Division B). Shrewsbury started off unsteadily, making unnecessary mistakes and forcing the ball which resulted in Shrewsbury trailing by 0-3. However Shrewsbury regained their confidence and played outstandingly well, passing the ball elegantly around the court, with beautiful finishing from the attackers to win 6-3. 

Shrewsbury 1st VII then met Christ College School who are renowned as a netball school in the final. Shrewsbury played amazingly, they picked up their game and their movement around the court was effortless. There was sharp passing down the wings to our fast moving attacking players who scored time and time again, which was further aided by our defence that blocked and zoned extremely well. The game was very intense and ended in a 5-5 score which resulted in 5 minutes extra time being played. Christ College in extra time brought their game up and went on to score 3 consecutive goals, however Shrewsbury fought back breaking their centre twice to come back, with the game finishing 7-8 to Christ College.

An amazing game played by both teams, with Shrewsbury School walking away with Runners-Up.

In the B Division, Shrewsbury 2nd VII also came up against Christ College 2nd as their first match. Once again a high tempo game, with quick movement around court and sharp passing skills, Shrewsbury were drawing level 4-4; however Christ College came back with strength and ended the game 4-7. Shrewsbury 2nd VII came back full of confidence against Hanley Castle and demonstrated their ability and experience with some excellent defending but also good movement of the ball from the centre third into the goal third, Shrewsbury dominated the game to win 8-2. This continued into the final game within division B against Malvern St James 1, Shrewsbury played well kept tight when marking and finished off most shots on goal they had. Shrewsbury demonstrated their skilful play and it was a very evenly matched game but Shrewsbury ensured that the finish was theirs, winning 5-4.

Shrewsbury 2nd VII came runners up in division B, which meant playing Christ College 1st team. Shrewsbury were stretched against such a fast team, however played extremely well and fought for each and every pass and shot, unfortunately Christ College were too fast and played effortlessly to win 2-9.

Shrewsbury then came up against Malvern St James 2 to decide who would take 3rd and 4th place. Shrewsbury started very well and demonstrated their ability on court, however the result of playing two consecutive matches  took its toll and Shrewsbury became tired. Malvern St James 2nd took their lead and just kept the lead to win 9-5 and take 3rd place. Shrewsbury 2nd VII then took 4th position out of 9 very high standard teams.          

Overall it was a great morning of netball and to see Shrewsbury 1st VII came away with runners up and Shrewsbury 2nd VII to come 4th against very high standard netball teams was excellent.

Congratulations Girls.

Miss Hartshorne and Miss Woo

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