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No Mow Campaign to extend until July

Friday 28 May 2021

The Eco Committee were out and about on Thursday afternoon, enjoying the results of No Mow May so far.

The No Mow May campaign, run by the British conservation charity Plantlife, has seen the lawns outside Kingsland House left to grow, with a range of wildflowers now adorning the meadow to provide more nectar for bees.  

The pupil-led Eco Committee took to the lawns to count the number of flowers that had grown in a month using random sampling. The results would then allow them to calculate the nectar rating, so they could work out how many bees would be fed in a day with the flowers grown on the KH Lawns. The lawn will be given a nectar rating once the data has been analysed and added to the national database.

As there has been so much rain recently the flower growth will have slowed down, meaning that the No Mow campaign will carry on until Speech Day on July 3rd, where the Eco Committee will be able to showcase the lawns and how the campaign has impacted on flower growth and in turn, become a source of nectar for bees.

The Eco Committee also sent out a survey earlier this week to receive feedback on the No Mow May Campaign, and whether the No Mow areas could be considered for a permanent fixture.

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