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Outstanding Performances in the British Physics Olympiad for Shrewsbury Students

Friday 14 January 2022

Once a year, students across the country enter the prestigious British Physics Olympiad competition.

It is a competition aimed at Upper Sixth students in which they attempt to answer a wide range of Physics questions, ranging from mechanics to quantum physics. The questions aim to challenge students and encourage them to both think in new ways as well as consider alternative approaches to problems. 

This year has seen great success already for Shrewsbury School students. Seven Sixth Formers took part in the competition earlier this year and all were awarded with certificates. In addition, Yuhan W (MSH, UVI) and Saxon Shang (S, UVI) obtained Top Gold awards, placing them amongst highest achievers in the competition, reflecting their exceptional problem-solving skills and their understanding of even the most complex physics theories.  

Other winners included: 

  • Hannah H (EDH, UVI) - Silver 
  • Jamie D (PH, UVI) - Bronze I 
  • Jerry W (SH, UVI) - Bronze II 
  • Peter C (SH, UVI) - Bronze II 
  • Mew H (O, UVI) - Bronze II  
  • Tom P (Ch, LVI) - Bronze II 

The British Physics Olympiad also runs competitions for younger age-groups, of which our students will take part. One of the upcoming competitions is the Senior Physics Challenge which now has both an online and a paper-based version. All our Lower Sixth will take part in the online competition which saw great success last year. Students will also have the opportunity to sit the paper-based competition to complete more problems and gain more certificates! 

In the lower school, Fifth and Fourth Formers will have the opportunity to sit the Intermediate and Junior Physics Challenges respectively. These competitions test both Physics understanding as well as wider Physics knowledge which students gain from reading around the subject.  

Very well done to all the students who took part and especially to Saxon and Yuhan for their outstanding achievement! 

Mrs Amy Smiter, Head of Physics 

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