Shrewsbury School

Paperchases 2018

Friday 14 December 2018

On the last Wednesday of term, the annual Paperchases were held. This is an historic race around the Site that has been run every year since the 1830s.

There were some terrific performances over the challenging course. Congratulations to all runners.

Winning Houses:

U15 Boys – Radbrook

U15 Girls – The Grove

1st House Boys – Rigg’s (by a single point!)

1st House Girls – The Grove

Individual winners:

Senior Boys
1  Sam Western S
2  Charlie Ockleston O
3  Sam Watts Ch

Senior Girls
1  Alessandra Ardissino M
2  Sophia Dixon MSH
3  Anna Cowan MSH

U15 Boys
1  Harrison Cutler R
2  Will Singleton R
3  Archie Collings Rb

U15 Girls
1  Olivia Elliot EDH
2  Izzy Morris MSH
3  Izzy Shannon G

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