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Prep School Chemistry Visit goes with a bang

Monday 9 February 2015

Shrewsbury’s Chemistry Department opened its doors to Prestfelde School students last Thursday for an afternoon of science enrichment and fun - including some spectacular 'flash bang' demonstrations.

Following an introductory meeting with Prestfelde’s Head of Science, James Peakman, the event was designed with their current curriculum topics in mind by one of our Senior Chemistry Technicians, Rachel Schofield and our Head of Chemistry, Dr Andy Briggs.

Thirty-four Year 7 pupils and three staff members were given a tour of the Chemistry Department and Prep Room – and the extent of our facilities was a real eye-opener and an insight into the science opportunities at Shrewsbury School.

Dr Briggs then took over in the Science Lecture Theatre with spectacular ‘flash bang’ demonstrations that resulted in satisfying excitable comments of ‘wow!’ and ‘awesome’!

We moved into one of the chemistry laboratories as special treat for the pupils, as they were allowed to carry out practical experiments themselves.  In groups of three or four the pupils had access to equipment they do not often use in prep schools, chemical solutions to create reactions and most enjoyable flame tests.  Even with a large number of excitable children and a real buzz of enthusiasm, the Prestfelde pupils did themselves credit with well disciplined lab behaviour.

The finale was a demonstration outside of exploding elephant’s toothpaste foam, the mess of which delighted the pupils.

With a few gifts to take away and use to practise what they had learned, the staff and students agreed it was a very successful and enjoyable afternoon, and one that will hopefully be repeated annually and for other prep schools.

James Peakman, Prestfelde, commented, “Thank you for a fantastic trip. The students absolutely loved it and did not stop talking about all the activities you put on for them. It was great for them to be able to have so many hands-on activities as well as the flash bang show. Thanks also for linking it into what I am doing at Prestfelde. It will give me a lot to refer to in lessons."
Dr Andy Briggs & Rachel Schofield

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