Shrewsbury School

Prep School Musical Theatre Workshop

Friday 24 January 2020

Children from local prep schools had the excitement of being among the first people to enjoy a taste of Shrewsbury School's next musical in production, 'The Great Gatsby'.

Pupils from Packwood Haugh, Prestfelde, Shrewsbury High Prep, The Elms and Yarlet spent a fun-filled day working with staff and pupils from Shrewsbury's Music and Drama Departments on songs and dance routines from 'The Great Gatsby', which has been written by Director of Drama Helen Brown, Director of Music John Moore, with choreography by Sian Archer.

As this short video shows, everyone had a wonderful time!


The Great Gatsby will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, with a Workshop Performance at Shrewsbury School next term.


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