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Pupils' 'high standards' impress guest judge at David Harrison Maths Competition

Thursday 5 May 2022

Salopians put their maths and presentation skills to the test last week in the annual David Harrison Maths Competition.

The competition awards a prize for the best short presentation of a mathematical topic and is open to all pupils in the school.

This prize is endowed by Mr and Mrs Peter Harrison in memory of their son David, who was Head of Mathematics from 1995 to 1996, and who tragically died in the mountains of Alaska in the summer holidays of 1996. 

Each talk, which could be up to twelve minutes long, was judged not only on the mathematics that was discussed, but also on how it was presented. The winner was chosen by members of the Mathematics Faculty along with the guest judge, Dr Sophie Carr.

This year’s winner was Ki-Din B (S, LVI) on his presentation entitled ‘The Penny Game’.

The other participants and the titles of their talks were:

  • Charlotte K (M, III) on ‘Cryptography’
  • David F (O, UVI) on ‘Hamming Codes’
  • Richard W (Rb, III) on ‘Visualising Higher Dimensions’
  • Mari A (EDH, LVI) on ‘Modelling a Pandemic – the effect of vaccinations’

Dr Carr commented that she had been impressed with the high standard of all the talks, and she was particularly taken by the quality and maturity of presentation exhibited by the two third formers, competing against sixth formers who were up to four years older than them.  Martin Johnson, Head of Mathematics, praised Ki-Din’s winning presentation for his use of conjuring, interactive video and game theory, backed up by rigorous scenario analysis.

Well done to all who took part!

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