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RSSBC: Shrewsbury Regatta

Tuesday 13 May 2014

The Boat Club enjoyed a wonderful two days competing in the Shrewsbury Regatta. Over 100 boys and girls took to the water in combination of over 60 different crews. The crews recorded wins in 35 events, which will be a great boost as the club prepares for the National Schools' Regatta in two weeks’ time.

Mr Hundermark reports on the Seniors' results:
The senior oarsmen raced in a few different events. The 1st VIII won Elite Eights against Liverpool University and then faced an Old Salopian crew representing Sabrina in a friendly event, with the 1st VIII taking the honours. The 1st VIII broke up into coxed fours and pairs on the Sunday and won IM1 coxed fours, IM2 coxed fours, IM1 pairs and J18 pairs.

The 2nd VIII won IM2 Eights after beating Sabrina in the second round and Stourport in the final. On Sunday they faced Stourport again in the final of IM1 Eights and went on to win the tightly fought race with a verdict of three feet.

The 3rd VIII enjoyed success in the J17 VIIIs' invitational event and lost out to the J16A crew in the IM3 Eights final.

The senior girls took part in pairs and singles events over the two days and recorded 7 wins out of the 9 events entered. Lettie Tay won Elite single sculls on both days and J18 single sculls on Saturday. She teamed up with IM3 sculls winner Francesca Molyneux in the pair to go on to win IM1 pairs on Saturday and Sunday. Claudia Kimpton-Smith had some tough racing in her single, narrowly missing out in J17 single sculls on Saturday and IM3 sculls on Sunday, but got it right in her final event of the day by winning J17 sculls on Sunday.

Mr Wilson reports on the J16s’ results:

On Saturday the J16A crew racing in IM3 8+ beat RGS Worcester’s 1st VIII in the 1st round before beating our own 3rd VIII in the final. In the afternoon they faced our 2nd VIII in J18 Eights in a tight race the J16s won by a quarter of a length. Four boys then raced in IM1 coxless fours against a top four from Liverpool University's 1st VIII, despite losing out by a couple of lengths.

The J16Bs started their day off in two coxed fours. It looked as though an all Shrewsbury final was on the cards, but a strong crew from Athlunkard beat off one of our crews in the semi-finals. In the final the result was reversed, with Shrewsbury coming out on top. In the afternoon they boys jumped into the VIII to race the J15A crew, another close fought battle, but the J15s came out just on top by two feet. For their final race in the VIII before National Schools' the boys were entered in Novice Eights against De Montfort University, a race which they won in style - well done! A special mention must go to Mischa Manser racing in Novice singles, who made the final, only to lose out to our 3rd VIII coach Andrew Farr!

Sunday was quieter, but no less busy. In the morning a coxed four drawn from the J16A VIII was unable to overcome a J18 4+ from Athlunkard in tricky conditions. In J18 pairs, stroke and bow combinations from the J16As and 1st VIII faced each other. Unsurprisingly the 1st VIII pair came out on top, but were hotly pursued by their more junior opposition. Henry Thomas and Tom Sykes paired up in IM3 pairs and showed some class, winning the event for their third pot of the weekend. Lastly the coxless four from Saturday raced in IM3 4+, having drawn the unfavoured outside station (more wind, more stream). They knew they would have to do it the hard way; that they did.

Mr Manser's report on the J15s' results:
Saturday saw some fine racing, the highlights being the J15B VIII pulling off a memorable win against the 3rd VIII at the second attempt – albeit that they were given a small advantage; they certainly produced a great finish. The As did a similar job, by beating a quick J16B VIII by two feet – a perfect result!

Our J15Bs also did a great job, racing in a senior novice IV event. Four of the boys went on to win their series of races, with the other IV losing in the final. It is such a joy seeing our fledglings go out and race strong men and beat them. (It’s always a tough one for them to race fit, well-drilled schoolboys!)

Sunday was a more relaxed day. The As raced each other again in IVs. Luckily (and thanks to a rising river) it was fairly easy to arrange for the IV who lost on Saturday to win on Sunday, so spoils were equalled. The victorious B IV from Saturday went up a division, but had the most fantastic series of races – coming from behind in two of them – to reach the final once again. Their winning streak was eventually brought to an end by an RSSBC J16 crew. The other B IV was only beaten by another senior RSSBC crew.

All in all, a fantastic weekend for all the boys. We now move on to the slightly more important matters of National Schools’.

Mr Scrimshaw’s report on the J14s’ results
A large number of the Third Form took part in Shrewsbury Regatta. This was the first chance the boys have had to race on their home water, so all were very keen to put in a good performance. Thanks to the large J14 squad at the School, we were able to put out three octos to race on Saturday morning. One of these then went on to win the final of this event, putting in a very impressive performance against Cheltenham College.

In the afternoon, two quads were racing, both of which were new crew combinations. The first quad to race put in a very strong performance but the windy weather got the better of the crew in the final straight, resulting in them narrowly missing out on a place in the plate final. The second crew on the water got through to the final and then raced very well to go on and win the event. These great results will hopefully give a boost to the already strong Third Form squad.

The Sunday sprint regatta was a chance for the boys to enter crews of their choice. Mil Luangamornlert competed in a single scull, a great achievement given the very difficult conditions. Two boys from Rigg's chose to race in a double scull, Churchill's fielded a coxed quad and then another quad was composed of five boys who had won in the octo the previous day. The shorter distance race made for some close racing. The combined quad came on the right side of this margin, winning the event; this gave the boys their second pot in as many days.


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