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RSSBC welcomes World Champion Alex Gregory to the Boat Club Dinner

Friday 28 September 2018

The Boat Club held their annual dinner on Thursday 20th September and were honoured to welcome Olympic gold medallist and five-time World Champion Alex Gregory MBE.

It was tremendous to get the whole Club under one roof to celebrate some of last year’s success and, even more importantly, to set the tone for the year ahead.

The School catering team Holroyd Howe produced a delicious meal for the Club to enjoy before speeches. Mr Lapage, in his retiring year, spoke of the special spirit and tradition the Boat Club has to offer and the wonderful opportunity that lies ahead for the current boys and girls to seize. Last year’s Captain of Boats, Tomas Shiels, shared his five-year journey with the Boat Club and how much it has meant to him.

We were delighted to welcome as our guest speaker Alex Gregory MBE, two-time Olympic gold medallist and five-time World Champion. Alex gave a very open and inspiring talk about the challenges he has faced during his rowing career and what it was like to win a gold medal in the Coxless Four in front of the home crowd at the London Olympics. He then presented trophies to the winners of the Victoria, Sabrina and Williams Sculls competition, one of the most historic inter-House fixtures in the RSSBC calendar, dating back to the 1860s, which this year took place on 15th September. 

Winners of the Victoria Sculls:
Louis Nares (I L6) and Maggie Page (M L6)

Winners of the Sabrina Sculls:
Orlando Williams (Rt 5) and Natalie Dee (G 5)

Winners of the Williams Sculls:
Freddie Foulger (PH 4) and Maddie Flood (M 4)

Athol Hundermark, Director of Rowing

Victoria Sculls winners Maggie Page and Louis Nares with Alex Gregory


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