Shrewsbury School

RSSBC: Wycliffe Head, 7th February

Monday 9 February 2015

After a long coach journey and a frantically fast rigging of the boats, nine Shrewsbury crews hit the water at the Wycliffe Head on Saturday 7th February. The results bode well for the RSSBC as the Schools’ Head of the River approaches on 16th March. Thanks to George Patterson (R UVI) for his report.

Two J15 VIIIs raced in the morning division, coming away with a 2nd and 4th place – encouraging results for the squad as a whole, with crew selection yet to take place.

The J16s also entered two eights and finished in 1st and 3rd places in an event featuring Shiplake College and Monmouth School.

Shrewsbury's senior boys raced in two eights and two fours. The eights were matched and made up primarily of boys who will make up the 1st and 2nd VIIIs.

The crews came away with 2nd and 3rd place in open VIIIs, losing narrowly to Shiplake's 1st VIII. Both eights’ times also compared well to times posted by Abingdon and King’s Chester in the morning decision.

The two senior coxed fours also raced well, coming away with a victory and 4th place.

The senior girls’ quad was confident before boating and delivered, winning their division by over 15 seconds.

In all, the results from Wycliffe were extremely encouraging with solid results at all levels. Selection for the Boat Club’s main crews will take place over the next few weeks in anticipation of the Schools’ Head of the River on 16th March.

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