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RSSH: Midlands League, 8th February 2014, Welbeck College

Wednesday 12 February 2014

A report by Tim Foulger

Note to self: never eat anything that’s come out of a bucket.

This was my thought as the after match tea at Welbeck Army Sixth Form College - spag bol from a bucket - was served al fresco. For the runners, however, who had braved the keuper marl (glacial mud), wind (beaufort scale 7) and tough competition (Uppingham, Bromsgrove, Worksop, Oundle, Wrekin and Welbeck) this was like ambrosia from the gods.

Particularly god/godess-like in their performances were Rory Fraser (4th in the Seniors), Tory Mobley (1st in the girls) and Alex Perutz (12th in the Inters boys – not bad as he lost a shoe half way round; luckily for him I was there to extract it from the mire; unluckily for him I was there so he could not extract himself from the race).

All in all it was a fine team performance, with the Hunt fielding three teams in each age group. The results will be enough to keep us well in contention to retain the Boys' League trophies we won last year.

Second note to self: I think I’ve just discovered the perfect way for the country to commemorate  WW1...

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