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RSSH: Preliminary Round, English Schools' Cross-Country Cup

Monday 9 October 2017

The Hunt’s 2017-18 season kicked off on Thursday 5th October with the County Round of the English Schools' Cross-Country Cup, an event in which we have had previous successes.  The aim for this year is for both Girls’ and Boys’ teams to reach the National Final in Sevenoaks in early December. Tom Jackson (R V) and Chessie Harris (EDH IV) report.

“Both teams looked strong as we made the 40-minute journey to Adams’ Grammar and there was a clear confidence in the team as we stepped off the bus. Following a warm-up jog and a look at the course, the teams took to the start line.

"The race kicked off in a fast frenzy as the 30 or so runners jostled for position before the course narrowed. Tom Jackson took an early lead with Oscar Hamilton-Russell and an Adams' Grammar boy following close behind. Tim Clarkson Webb and Harrison Cutler worked together to get into 5th and 6th. Ed Ford-Johnston wasn’t far behind in 8th and with Alfie Biggs sitting in 10th. the team looked strong as we started our second lap.

"The second lap quickly became one where we showed the strength of the Junior Boys’ Hunt this year. Tom Jackson crossed the line with a comfortable gap and was followed by Oscar, who had also been able to enjoy the second half of the race. Harrison Cutler and Tim Clarkson Webb made up our counters, coming home in 5th and 6th, and with strong performances from Ed Ford-Johnston (8th) and Alfie Biggs (10th), the team claimed an easy victory.”
Tom Jackson

“The girls’ team did brilliantly, fielding a team mainly comprised of Third Form runners in their first race for The Schools.  It was a nice race to start off the season with little hassle on the start line, which led to the group being spread out reasonably quickly.  As the race endured the Shrewsbury teams stayed near the front of the pack.

"The girls' team of Chessie Harris, Georgie Nicholas, Lucy Lees, Nell Ware, Flora Kanan and Livy Elliott rounded the final corner as a pack of four. With Georgie making a brilliant sprint finish, we manged to get very high up the leader board.”
Chessie Harris

Teacher in Charge of The Hunt, Mr Haworth, commented: "Both teams won their races and both will now progress to the regional round, which will take place in a few weeks. In conclusion, a very good opening performance as the team bids to return to the National Finals."

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