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Salopians take on Australian counterparts in International debate

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Salopians took part in the second debate in an International series against Cranbrook School in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

It was an early start for our pupils in the UK, who also joined forces with Salopian Milton T (SH, UVI) in Hong Kong, to join in the debate with the Australian counterpart.

Milton writes: “On the first Monday back after half term, Lizzie (EDH, UVI), Rhys (SH, UVI) and I took on the team from Cranbrook School, Sydney in an online debate with the motion ‘this house would give dictators immunity in exchange for their resignation’.

“Our preparation started with a zoom meeting a few days before the debate to allocate arguments, which was an experience in itself as that was usually done in the comfort of KH or house halls. This was followed by lengthy email exchanges and frantic last-minute texts to ensure that we are not contradicting each other. 

“The debate itself was the first international fixture for all three of us, with Cranbrook dialling in from Australia and myself from Hong Kong. In terms of the early start of 8am for Rhys and Lizzie due to time differences… it was a small price to pay for this unique experience. Both sides debated with gusto, and we no doubt learnt a lot of useful techniques from Cranbrook that might prove useful in the Cambridge schools debating competition later this week. They were also fierce with rebuttals yet gentlemanly in conduct, which always makes the debate intellectually challenging and enjoyable. 

“In the end Cranbrook came out of the debate as the stronger side and we congratulate them for their well-deserved win. It was nevertheless a great experience for us, and we are very grateful to Mr Mackridge for organising this wonderful event that stretched us academically in the testing times of remote-learning.”

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