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From the Satires of Horace to navigating the Ontological Argument

Friday 11 May 2018

Recent publications by Shrewsbury School staff

Two books written by former Head of Classics John Godwin have recently been published by Bloomsbury Academic.  Horace Satires: A Selection and Horace Odes: A Selection are the endorsed publications from OCR for the Latin A-Level set texts. In addition to the full Latin text, commentary and vocabulary, they also include a detailed introduction placing the poems in their Roman literary context. 

John’s numerous other published works include Lucretius (Bloomsbury, Ancients in Action series) and large-scale editions of the poetry of Ovid, Catullus and Lucretius.

Meanwhile, an article written by Mike Tonks, Second Master at Shrewsbury and teacher of Philosophy and Theology, has been published in the journal Dialogue.

Dialogue was originally published to support the teaching of A-Level Religious Studies in British Schools, but it now has a much wider readership that includes college and university departments worldwide. It includes high-quality introductory articles on the Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Biblical Studies by specialists in the various fields.

Mike Tonks’ article on ‘The Problem of Evil’ was published in Dialogue earlier this year. His latest article is entitled ‘Navigating a way through the Ontological Argument’ and can be read here.

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