Shrewsbury School

Scholars' Dinner 2012: 'Brain Attack'

Wednesday 29 February 2012

This year the speaker for the annual scholars’ lecture and dinner was the eminent neurologist Professor Tom Solomon, Chair of Neurological Science and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the University of Liverpool.  His fascinating talk was entitled ‘Brain Attack’ and gave us graphic information about the workings of the healthy brain and the ways in which this vital organ comes under attack from viruses. 

The scholars took an interactive part of  the session as guinea-pigs, being  in one case armed with a doctor’s hammer and in another case asked to taste a jelly. 

The question-and-answer session at the end was full of fascinating queries – why do we sleep?  How does the brain create consciousness? What is déjà-vu? – and our speaker was still being button-holed by the curious scholars until late in the evening. 

Kingsland Hall excelled even their own high standards with the superb quality and service of the meal, and it was truly an evening of food for thought and thought for food! 

Dr J Godwin

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