Shrewsbury School

School Firsts

Thursday 4 January 2018

Each term a committee of Sixth Form pupils meets to award the School’s highest form of ‘colours’ – a ‘School First’.

The committee members take their work seriously, for two main reasons: firstly, this is a good example of pupil power – while teachers may make nominations, it is only those ten or so Upper Sixth pupils sitting on the committee who have the power to vote; secondly, to retain the value of the ‘School First’, precious few are handed out.

Nowadays School Firsts have been split into two types: sporting and non-sporting. Below is a list of those pupils who were given the coveted award during the final School Assembly of the Michaelmas Term for their exceptional contributions to School life in non-sporting activities.

For their unstinting and exceptional contributions to the musical life of the School:
Ella Johnson, Henry Mayhew, Angus Warburg, Edward Acton, Jessie Inglis-Jones and Linda Zhao

For their outstanding contributions to School Drama:
Freddy Williams, Abi Watkinson, Nina Churchill and Tom Brennan

For his outstanding work in Physics, Maths and Chemistry:
Isaac Dai

For his outstanding leadership of Global Social Leaders:
Elliott Crossley

For his exceptional commitment to the study of German:
Will Sawyer

For their outstanding and varied contributions to the life of the School:
Charlie Johns and Amelia Marriott

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