Shrewsbury School

School Firsts

Thursday 13 December 2018

School Firsts are one of the highest honours at Shrewsbury, rewarding pupils who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to School life. They are awarded each term by a committee of Upper Sixth Formers.

The committee members take their work seriously, for two main reasons: firstly, this is a good example of pupil power – while teachers may make nominations, it is only those ten or so Upper Sixth pupils sitting on the committee who have the power to vote; secondly, to retain the value of the ‘School First’, precious few are handed out.

Nowadays School Firsts have been split into two types: sporting and non-sporting. Below is a list of those pupils who  were given the coveted award during the final School Assembly of the Michaelmas Term for their exceptional contributions to School life in non-sporting activities:

For the remarkable range and the unstinting nature of his contributions to school life:
Henri Cramsie

For his exceptional contributions to School Drama:
Koby Ferdinand-Okpala

For her outstanding contributions to and leadership of the RAF section of the CCF:
Grace O’Mara

For his exceptional contributions to the RAF Section and commitment to Gliding :
Jack Li

For his unstinting and wide-ranging service to the pastoral life of the School:
Petr Rostokin

For their outstanding contributions to the musical life of the School:
Maddy Baly, Henri Cramsie, Fingal Dickins, Will Hope, Ben Lloyd, Jack Lockett, Dalton Foster, Greta Roberts and Abi Watkinson

For their outstanding commitment to and leadership of the Beekeeing Society:
Jasmine Lo and Chad Usher

For their unstinting and wide-ranging contributions to and leadership of school life:
Emma Graham and Harry Remnant


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