Shrewsbury School

Second Edition of Shrewsbury STEM Magazine published

Friday 14 January 2022

Led by Lower Sixth Chief Editor Cecelia L (G), we are excited to announce the publication of the second edition of the Shrewsbury Periodical – the magazine written by Shrewsbury School students with content from all areas of STEM.  

This edition brings together articles and research from topics as wide-ranging as random numbers in computing, energy insecurity, linguistics, the origins of HIV and whether talking to plants can help them grow! The writers include the Darwin Presidents Sapna C (G, LVI), Kitty S (M, LVI), Cece L, Sasha P (SH, LVI), Annie F (M, UVI), Marco C (O, UVI), Ellie L (M, UVI), Thea H (MSH, UVI) and Ella H (MSH, UVI) as well as students from all year groups. 

Once again, we are extremely proud to have been able to put together a 60+ page magazine, showing the depth of interest and appetite students have for looking deeper into areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 

Please enjoy reading the e-copy here. 

A limited number of hard copies will be printed and distributed for viewing around school site (and of course for contributors). If you decide you’d like a hard copy for yourself, please get in touch with Mr Wray. 

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