Shrewsbury School

Senior House Debating Competition

Thursday 18 January 2018

The long-awaited final of the Senior House Debating Competition took place in a packed Maidment Building on the evening of 11th January between Ingram’s and Emma Darwin Hall.

Both teams had acquitted themselves superbly in the competition thus far and were worthy contenders for the much-coveted Senior Debating trophy.

The motion set was topical and multi-faceted: ‘This House Would Ban Elected Officials From Posting On Social Media’. Ingram’s proposed the ban whilst EDH spoke in favour of free political speech and individualism.

Pleasingly, both teams addressed the broader principles at stake and were not drawn into a list of President Trump-centric evidence. Harvey Hancock opened the debate with a measured, eloquent speech and was duly pegged back by EDH’s opening speaker, Mary Lees, with some sharp rebuttal.

Alex Sparkes and Rosie Davis contested the second round of speeches and extended the debate into new, insightful realms of thought. Charlie Johns delivered the speech of the evening with a thoughtful, mature defence of the ban, whilst Poppy Collingwood-Cameron provided some sharp analysis regarding problems of implementation.

There was a brief floor debate before judges Mr Walters and Mr Percival retired to make their decision.  Ultimately, it was agreed that Ingram’s team structure and analytical arguments won the day and thus Ingram’s were awarded the Senior House Debating trophy.

Credit is due to both teams for excellent performances throughout the competition and for an engaging, spirited final.

Mr Mackridge

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