Shrewsbury School

Shewsy Day Out, 8th June 2013

Monday 10 June 2013

Students from our Fifth and Sixth Forms hosted visitors of all ages from the Everton Church which is connected to The Shewsy.

Will Allott, Charlie Gillow, Guy Cabral, Gaby Byrne and Amelia Woodruff took the lead in giving the visitors a warm welcome. They enjoyed the swimming pool, took in the view on the Queen's Terrace, admired the Chapel, watched some cricket and finished off with a friendly match of rounders against the girls of Mary Sidney, and a Tug of War, in teams named after the Liverpool colours: the Blues versus the Reds.

Below right - Heave...heave...!; centre - Amelia and Rosie; right - Will, Charlie and friends

Shewsy Day Out, 8th June 2013

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