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Shrewsbury Higher Education Week

Thursday 20 June 2019

This week, Fifth and Sixth Formers took part in a cornucopia of university-related events.

Alongside several sessions taking the Lower Sixth through making a successful UCAS application, on Wednesday Shrewsbury hosted its biennial European Universities Conference.

Though the B-word casts something of a shadow of doubt over funding, the amazing opportunities offered by studying in Europe were revealed. David Hawkins, a real university guru of all things international, provided an excellent overview of the benefits of thinking globally for education.

Representatives from the European Universities Consortium and two Dutch universities then went through the possibilities on offer at their institutions, where the teaching style may suit Salopians more than a traditional British lecture format.

Capping off the event, Ben Ambrose from Medical Doorway discussed how studying at some of Europe’s top medical schools could inspire the next generation.

On Thursday, the Fifth Form had a US universities brunch, where Miss May (a Princeton alumna) and I offered an introduction to what America has to offer. As one of the few schools in the country that provides free SAT training, it is an exciting prospect.

On Friday, over 20 Old Salopians returned to offer their insights into their courses and universities in what was the first event of its kind. From Business to Medicine, History to Psychology, a wide range of courses were represented, as well as universities from Edinburgh to Bath, Dublin to Oxford. We are most grateful to the OS for giving up their time to help the next cohort make informed decisions.

Mr Percival
Higher Education Adviser

The final edition for this academic year of the weekly Futures Bulletin can be downloaded here: Futures Bulletin, 21st June 2019.

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