Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury Model United Nations teams in action in Manchester

Thursday 6 February 2020

Twenty-three talented pupils spent last weekend debating key global issues with fellow delegates from across the UK at the Manchester High School for Girls MUN Conference.

“Representing Russia, Ireland and the Central African Republic, Shrewsbury MUN-ers were, of course, in the thick of the debates, and all developed massively as debaters in the course of the weekend because the level was so high,” said Teacher in Charge of MUN, Huw Peach, who accompanied the group to Manchester with Bordeaux Fellow Jeanne Fournis.

In each committee of between 20 and 30 delegates, there was one Outstanding Delegate, one Highly Commended Delegate, one Commended Delegate and three or four Honourable Mentions:

Highly Commended: James Leaver
Highly Commended: Joseph Meisner
Special Mention: Milton Tai
Special Mention: Ranulf Prentis
Special Mention: Ria Phullar
Special Mention: Oscar Rink

Two Committee Chairs: Alex Sparkes and Rhys Woodward

The Shrewsbury School delegates attending the Conference were:

Security Council – Jonny Snell (Ambassador)
Human Rights Council – Archie Saint
Human Rights Committee – James Leaver
Environment and Science Committee – Lucia Bowers-Martinez
Health Committee – Abby Wong
Future Committee – Oscar Rink
Youth Committee – Sam Freeman
Disarmament and International Security Committee – Bertie Shepherd-Cross
Political Committee – Milton Tai
United Nations Industrial Development Committee – Lenka Hozzova

Security Council – George Collings (Ambassador)
Human Rights Committee – Ed Bayliss
Environment and Science Committee – Ryan Hsieh
Health Committee – Ria Phullar
Future Committee – Joseph Meisner
Youth Committee – Seb Vanhoonacker
Disarmament and International Security Committee – Ranulf Prentis
Political Committee – Max Mckenzie

Human Rights Committee – Karina Edwards (Ambassador)
Future Committee – Candela Villalba
Health Committee – Ellie Datnow

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