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Shrewsbury School Variety Show raises over £550 for Rosie's Rainbow Fund

Friday 13 February 2015

On Sunday 1st February, roughly 40 pupils took to the stage in the Ashton Theatre to perform in the Shrewsbury School Variety Show 2015. Continuing the tradition begun last year, a number of the students organised, rehearsed and performed the show - in which people from all cultures and backgrounds could show off their talents in front of an audience of their families, friends and members of staff.

The performances had a huge range to them, from Chloe Chen (MSH) representing China in her dance “The Lotus” through to comedy and drama, multiple musical theatre chorus numbers and even to an a capella group. The show was directed and organised by Alfred Mitchell (SH), Jessica Walker (G) and Charis Virgo (G) with many other people supporting them. The main aim of the evening was of course to raise money for Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, which provides music therapy to terminally ill children in hospitals, as well as bereavement therapy to parents that have lost a child (

Rehearsals for the show began very early in the academic year, starting with the larger Chorus numbers such as the rendition of Murder, Murder from the musical Jekyll & Hyde, which required coordination of 11 pupils to pull off. As well as this, we performed One Short Day from the musical Wicked that called for ten students to try their hand at original choreography (with fantastic results!). Finding time for the entire cast to come together and sing through the pieces was tricky, but when everyone was together rehearsals had a good atmosphere and everyone was excited to be involved in the show.

Although practices for the comedy and drama started later in Michaelmas term, it was difficult to tell, with a very slick Duologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed by Jessica Walker (G) and Emily Skelton (EDH) as well as a hilarious Monty Python sketch. One act in particular, the duet performed by Dan and Jasmine Lo (SH & EDH) called Dan Yuan Ren Chan Jui took many months to perfect, yet the effort most definitely paid off.

Finally many solos from various musicals also featured in the show, with Loren Kell (EDH) performing a breath-taking Think of Me, Will Harvey (I) appearing as the infamous Shrek to perform Who I’d Be and Alfred Mitchell (SH) with his powerful rendition of Till I Hear You Sing.

The show itself went very smoothly, thanks in part to the dedication of the pupils involved and also the behind the scenes help from the sound and lighting technicians. Special thanks of course to Miss Helen Brown for her continued support and for Kieran Harding on giving us his full and undivided attention and help.

The number of different acts are too numerous to mention here (a testament perhaps to the incredible variety of them all). However, each one was extremely well received by the audience. It was incredibly fun to be a part of and everybody loved showing off their own extraordinary talent. - My only disappointment is that this is my last year and thus I won’t be able to perform next year!

Ed Carroll (Ch UVI)

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