Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury's 2012 Wind Prizes

Monday 21 May 2012

The three classes of Wind Prize competitions took place earlier this term, starting with the Intermediates - for performers of Grade 7 / Grade 8 ability - which was won by Harry Fox (PH 5 - Saxophone), Highly Commended by Christopher Pearce (I L6 - Clarinet), and Commended by Joe Davies (M 3 - Saxophone).

Junior Wind Prize, for performers from Grade 1 - Grade 6 ability, was won by George Panayi (Ch 3 - Saxophone) who has only been playing since September. Highly Commended  was awarded to Brook Plumptre (SH 4 - Saxophone) and Commended to Jake Samuel (O 3 - Saxophone) and Daniel Edwards (S 4 - Clarinet).

Both the Intermediate and Junior Classes were adjudicated by Oboist, Anna Powell.

The culmination of the Wind Prizes this year was the Senior Class - for performers of Grade 8 and above - which was adjudicated by Douglas Mitchell, ex-Co-Principal Clarinet of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This class was won by Henry Newbould (Ch 3 - Saxophone). Highly commended was awarded to Martin Chow (SH L6 - Clarinet) and Commended to Carys Gittins (EDH U6 - Flute).


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