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Signals from Outer Space – the Third Form visit Jodrell Bank

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Dr Elliot (Head of Astronomy) and the rest of the Physics Department were delighted to take the Third Form to visit the Lovell Radio Telescope at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre this week.

The day involved attending two workshops taught by Planetary Scientists from Manchester University on ‘Exoplanets’ and ‘the Invisible Universe’, visiting the interactive exhibitions and the exhibits around the base of the Telescope itself.


The ‘Whispering Dishes’ were very popular!


Can you hear us?


We can hear you!


The Lovell Radio Telescope received signals catching the moment when the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the Moon almost exactly 50 years ago.

Our own intrepid explorers had to cope with ‘radio silence’ for the whole day as all mobile phones on site have to remain in ‘airplane mode’ so they do not affect the signals coming from Outer Space.

Dr J. Pattenden

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