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Sports All-Nighter for Medic Malawi set to raise over £9,000...

Friday 14 February 2020

A big thank you to pupils and staff who are giving up their Valentine's Night to support Medic Malawi.

This Friday 14th February, 35 pupils and ten members of staff will be playing sports, all night, 9.00pm - 7.00am, in the Shrewsbury School gym. Thanks to their magnificent fundraising efforts and the generosity of their sponsors, they have already doubled their original target of £4,000 and have currently raised £8,300.

Their sporting endeavours will include a dance-off, a mountain bike obstacle course, basketball, badminton and five-a-side football.

They are driven by a desire to help the 24/7 work that St Andrew's Hospital does in Malawi, one of the seven poorest countries in the world, from emergency delivery of babies, to dealing with burns and restoring sight (cataract operations can be performed for £30 each) at the Shrewsbury School Eye Clinic.

If you would like to sponsor them, please go to

A message of support and thanks from Tom Hunt, Director of Medic Malawi:
“In 2018 I spent a very long night driving off-road through the bush to reach St Andrew’s Hospital with a serious ill baby in the truck who desperately needed to reach medical attention. When we arrived at St Andrew’s, at 3.30 in the morning, we were met by the fantastically dedicated staff, many of whom have dedicated their whole working lives to the work of St Andrew’s Hospital.

“The incredible efforts you are all putting in to play sports all night tonight reminds me of the dedication I saw that night in 2018. Without your efforts to help raise funds for Medic Malawi, the help Sally desperately needed that night in 2018 simply would not have been possible. Please keep going and dig deep to last all night.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing - you really are changing lives in Malawi.”

Lesley Drew
Charity Fundraising Co-ordinator

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