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Students test their knowledge in the annual Hawksley-Burbury Science Competition

Wednesday 28 April 2021

The Hawksley-Burbury Science Competition is our annual Practical Science competition and is open to any scientist in the Fifth and Sixth Forms, testing skills of observation and scientific deduction.

The competition is named after Samuel Hawksley-Burbury (OS 1848-50), a former Head of School who went on to become a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS).

It consists of three sections (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in each of which candidates are set a number of short tasks requiring careful observation and analysis.

It is not necessary to be studying these subjects at AS or A2 level to take part, as the competition does not require specialised knowledge.

Twenty-four students took part in this year’s competition.

 Overall winner:  Harry Clarke (Ch, L6)

 Prox accessit:  Kate Rutherford (EDH, L6) and Marco Chan (O, L6)

 Individual practical winners:
    Biology:  Marco Chan (O, L6)
    Chemistry:  Yuhan Wang (MSH, L6)
    Physics:  Harry Clarke (Ch, L6)

Harry will be presented with his prize at the Academic Prizegiving during Speech Day at the end of the Summer Term.


Mr David Wray
Head of Science Outreach

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