Shrewsbury School

Ten awards at the Oxford MUN

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Representing China, Egypt, North Sudan and Canada, 23 Salopians travelled to Magdalen College School, Oxford at the end of last term to take part in the Oxford Model United Nations Conference.

The standard of the debates was very high, and the boys and girls acquitted themselves very well indeed, picking up a very good haul of ten individual awards.

Rory Fraser (Ch UVI) was named Best Delegate in his committee.
Sasha Arridge (Rb 5) and Ed Plaut (S IV) won Best Junior Delegate awards.
Steve Chandler (Rb UVI), Joe Lafferty (PH LVI) and Esme O'Keeffe (MSH LVI) were Highly Commended.
And Amelia Woodruff (MSH UVI), Dan Edwards (S LVI) , Theo Simmons (Ch LVI) and Jamie Nugent (SH LVI) were Commended.

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