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Friday 20 March 2020

News updates from two of our community partnership organisations, Shrewsbury House ('The Shewsy') and Medic Malawi, who face particular challenges at this very difficult time. 

Mrs Drew (Charity Fundraising Co-Ordinator at Shrewsbury School and Board Member of Shrewsbury House) sent the following email to Shrewsbury School staff on behalf of Shrewsbury House, the School's Youth and Community Centre in Everton, Liverpool (founded in 1903):

Dear Colleagues,

The Shewsy has, after much discussion, decided that they need to close until further notice. John Hutchison wrote to all staff and board members:

Thank you very much for being SO engaged and brilliant in terms of feedback. Forgive me not getting back to you individually. There are a lot of you. Thank you for your views and suggestions. They vary a lot. We have a difficult decision to face. I trust you will accept and support the way we will go forward.
NO question, you are a great bunch! The Shewsy’s in good hands. Especially your compassion shines through.

The youth work team will be keeping in touch with members by working safely with young people by creating as much engagement and contact with them but only remotely, using all forms of social media.
a) Actively plan towards some outreach work with those staff wanting to be part of that.
b) Actively plan towards some maintenance and refurbishment work for those staff and volunteers wanting to be part of that
Review our position each Friday morning until further notice (including if and when to implement actions a and b).

Staff will continue to be paid, as long as finances allow.

Donations to Shrewsbury House can be made via this link:

Mrs Drew also sent a link to the March Newsletter from Medic Malawi, who give vital support to St Andrew's Hospital in Malawi, the seventh poorest country in the world:

As we are all aware, the Coronavirus (COVID19) is causing considerable difficulties around the world. With a fragile and under-resourced healthcare system when COVID 19 arrives in Malawi it is likely to put significant strain on healthcare facilities like St Andrew's Hospital. In conjunction with the team at St Andrew's and our partners at Bridges to Malawi and St Peter's Malawi Education Trust we are reacting early and with a view to building capacity at St Andrew's and the wider community. We are planning education campaigns to inform the community about the importance of hand washing and social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus. We are also ensuring that St Andrew's hospital have good stocks of protective equipment to keep staff safe while caring for patients with the virus and we are trying to source additional oxygen concentrators to help treat the sickest patients.

Working in partnership with Bridges to Malawi in the USA and St Peter's Malawi Education Trust in the UK we have together pledged over £5000 to enable St Andrew's Hospital to prepare for COVID 19 but we are aiming to treble that to £15000 in the coming weeks. At times like this, when there is an urgent need we know with confidence that our loyal supporters will back us as we support the community in Mtunthama.

Donations to Medic Malawi can be made via this link:

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