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Top Results for Shrewsbury School in National Physics Competition

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Shrewsbury School’s Fourth Formers recently took part in the British Physics Olympiad Junior Physics Challenge.

The competition comprised of two online multiple-choice sections, testing knowledge and understanding of fundamental Physics topics such as dynamics, electricity, optics, heat, units and small amounts of astronomy and waves.

The competition is a great way to introduce students to the British Physics Olympiad challenges. Some of them will go on to take part in the more advanced versions in later years at Shrewsbury School.

A total of 15 students were awarded the top award of a gold, which is awarded to the top 16% of students nationally and the students should be very proud of themselves.

The gold award winners are:

  • Eugene A (Rt)
  • Tom B (I)
  • Caesar C (O)
  • Oliver C (R)
  • John L (R)
  • Cheuk-Yiu M (Ch)
  • Fergus S-P (Ch)
  • Holly Y (M)
  • Theo D (SH)
  • Carlton W (Ch)
  • Steven J (SH)
  • Harold J (S)
  • Max F (S)
  • Mitchell L (O)
  • Ethan W (SH)

Dr Pattenden’s class celebrating with their certificates

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