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A tutor trip with a difference: Oldham's boys at the Carling Cup Final, Wembley

Thursday 1 March 2012

The three lucky Oldham's boysTutor trips usually consist of a film and maybe a meal afterwards, or maybe bowling, however, having a member of my tutor group, Johnny, whose Dad is very involved in a very popular football club, Liverpool FC, which every member of the tutor group supported, meant that we got the chance to have a very different tutor trip. We were expecting a very welcome ticket to Anfield (Liverpool’s home ground), but when the option of seeing the Carling Cup Final at Wembley arose - probably the only final Liverpool would be in for at least another 5 years - our tutor, Mr Schofield, and the group couldn’t turn it down, despite the long drive.

We arrived for lunch, an inevitable McDonalds was on the menu, with what seemed like the rest of Liverpool and Cardiff (Liverpool’s opponents). After a tasty ‘Big Mac’, we set out towards the towering Wembley. The tension was rising, as more and more fans arrived, but with 2 hours until kick off, we weren’t allowed in, so instead we took a walk around the stadium, attempting to find any famous people, however the biggest star we could find was the presenter from LFC TV, whom Mr Schofield and Ned recognised. At 3.00pm we were allowed in, and after an hour of warming up and preparations, the match began. A match against Cardiff City would usually be a straightforward victory for any top league side, but we were very lucky to have such a close game, with an incredible atmosphere, which eventually went to penalties; with Liverpool just scraping the win!

A great day overall, and a huge thanks to Mr Schofield for taking us, and Johnny’s Dad for arranging the tickets.

Ollie Pumphrey, 4th Form, Oldham's Hall

Photo: The three lucky Oldham's boys at the Carling Cup Final 2012 courtesy of Mr Philip Bunnag and MS - Ollie Pumphrey, Ned Hall and Johnny Bunnag.

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