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From Unifrog to the Ironing Challenge: the Post-GCSE Programme

Sunday 30 June 2019

Returning from study leave, the Fifth Form have been given a taste of what lies ahead in the Sixth Form.

Alongside lessons in their chosen subjects, they have enjoyed a packed programme of events, lectures and competitions designed as a launchpad for the next phase of their education.

The Post-GCSE Programme began with Afternoon Tea in the Moser Library, where students were welcomed by the Headmaster to their ‘second intellectual home’ outside of the classroom. Head Librarian Jo Elliot explained how Sixth Formers are encouraged to see the Moser Library with its catalogue of 40,000 books as a two-year training ground before moving on to the vast collections of University libraries.

While enjoying scones, cake and lemonade, students could roam freely, browse the books on display and take home their top picks from our Summer Recommended Reading List.

Later in the week, students returned to the Library for an induction lesson with an unusual twist as the Library was transformed into an Escape Room!

Mr Percival, Higher Education Adviser joined forces with Dr P. Pattenden, Head of Elite University Admission, to give Salopians a roadmap to success at top-tier Universities. Students were encouraged to broaden their academic horizons and to look outside of the curriculum by exploring online courses (Moocs), engaging with the wealth of educational digital content at their fingertips, and rolling up their sleeves to learn something practical – from a summer job to building a computer from scratch.

Thursday saw the Fifth Form taking over the Fives Courts, transformed for the Lifeskills Competition designed to build their transferable ‘soft’ skills.

Students worked in teams to race against the clock while trying their hand at a range of practical challenges, including wallpapering, ironing, wiring a plug, and silver service.

The winning team

The contest was accompanied by a session on Careers Guidance with Mr Wain, Head of Futures, introducing students to Unifrog, a comprehensive database of careers and university destinations helping them to check their A-Level choices are setting them on the track they have in mind for their future careers.

During the week, students also attended a series of thought-provoking Personal and Social Development lectures and workshops organised by Mr Farmer, discussing issues including addiction and ethics in modern relationships (see article: PSD Programme).

As they transition into life in the Sixth Form, students were encouraged to see service as being at the heart of their experience, actively engaging in ways to better the lives of others. Head of Charitable Giving, Mrs Drew spoke about the power students have to make a difference over the next two years. Mrs Shantry invited the Fifth Form to sign up for residential trips to the Shewsy and Mrs Temple opened applications for Medic Malawi 2020, when students can volunteer at the Shrewsbury Eye Clinic and orphanage.

As they looked to their future, the Fifth Form were encouraged to think about what part they can play in shaping a more sustainable future for the planet. The Post-GCSE Programme was brought to a close by guest speakers Sophie Peach and Alison Thomas from the pioneering Shrewsbury Cup Scheme, discussing the importance of waste management and how small-scale community action can have a big impact.

Lastly, Mrs Matthews called on the budding Sixth Form to walk in Darwin’s footsteps by cherishing biodiversity. She introduced them to Re-Wilding campaigns and encouraged them to look for opportunities to protect, nurture and restore the wider environment.

Biology Wildlife Garden Plan

Miss May
Head of Middle School

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