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Thursday 21 June 2018

As part of the Higher Education programme, during the penultimate week of term Shrewsbury held two conferences on making successful applications to university. 

On Wednesday 20th June, the 190 members of the Lower Sixth took part in a UCAS Application day with lectures from Liverpool and Leeds Universities on writing personal statements and selecting the right course.  They also set up their UCAS applications, a process that could be likened to wading through a Stygian marsh or navigating past Scylla and Charybdis. 

This was followed by the Biennial US Universities Conference on Thursday, where over 100 Salopians, parents and visitors from other schools heard a range of eminent speakers discuss all elements of the American system. 

We were delighted to welcome back Jon Tabbert of Dukes Education, who has a 20-year relationship with Shrewsbury, to offer an overview of the admissions process, which is both unique and complex. 

Chloe Godsell and Charlotte Thew of Crimson Education provided an excellent insight into making the right choice from the 4,500 institutions on offer.  In slick fashion, Michele Collias of Studyworks, explained the Admissions Testing processes.  With the cost of US universities being a major stumbling block, we were fortunate that Rob Thomas of Sporting Elite USA was able to convey the funding available for our elite sportsmen and women, many of whom could gain significant bursaries. 

As a nominating school, a fair number of Salopians have been lucky enough to gain the Morehead Cain Scholarship to the University of North Carolin,a and Ed Perkins, an alumnus of the programme and a BAFTA award-winning director, described the potential. 

We topped off an excellent conference with a student perspective, as Abi Reynolds (OS) returned to Severn shore to offer her view on the whole process.

In all, the Lower Sixth have a lot to be thinking about as they go into the summer break.

Toby Percival, Higher Education Adviser

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