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Upper Sixth Sports Awards

Sunday 14 June 2020

Congratulations to all Upper Sixth Sports Award 2020 winners!

Our Upper Sixth Sports Awards are the highest sporting accolade awarded at Shrewsbury, recognising the best of the best who through their participation have represented Salopian Sport at the top level – both in performance levels but also in embodying Salopian values.

Congratulations to all those nominated - and especially to the Award recipients.

Tony Barker Award (All-Round Sporting Excellence)

Arthur Garrett

Tony Barker Award (All-Round Sporting Excellence). Arthur has richly deserved this award as throughout his time at Shrewsbury he has been heavily committed to, and performed at the top level in, a number of sports – most notably Cricket, Fives and Football. In Fives he has been in one of the top pairs throughout the year groups; his cricket speaks for itself but, as 1st XI captain, you are a leader of highly-talented young men; moreover, alongside this, his dedication to football whereby as a A/B team footballer throughout the year groups he’s progressed to represent the 1st XI in ISFA & Hudl League matches at senior level to highlight his progress and commitment in a range of sports.

Sportsman of the Year (Excellence in Sport - male)

Peter Clark

Sportsman of the Year (Excellence in Sport - male). Peter joined from Prestfelde with lots of technical talent but, at that time, not all the physical attributes of a top sportsman! He has well and truly flourished at Shrewsbury and has been a super role model in embracing the dedicated athlete scheme to develop as an all-round elite sportsman. He has led by example on the pitch with superb bowling, but also becoming a fine opening batsman and leader – it’s clear to see why Worcester rate him so highly as a member of their academy. Peter has also been committed to Fives – winning a national title in his time at school, as well as representing Radbrook in a variety of sports. It’s a shame the current situation hasn’t enabled Peter to put the icing on the cake with another crack at national events in Fives and Cricket, but he has proven to be a top, top Salopian sportsman.

Sportswoman of the Year (Excellence in Sport - female)

Issy Wong

Sportswoman of the Year (Excellence in Sport - female). Words cannot express the impact Issy has had on Shrewsbury Sport and could have won any of the awards! Her cricket speaks for itself but representing England and being the first girl to take a wicket in the boys’ 1st XI has broken glass ceilings. In addition to this, she have always been committed to your Fives – winning a national title in the mix – as well as representing the U14B (boys’) football team as goalkeeper (as well as girls’ hockey!). Very few have the ability to have the impact she has had but when you add in in Issy’s determination and commitment, she will have a lasting legacy at Shrewsbury. It is, of course, a great shame that she wasn’t able to put the cherry on the cake with a run in national events in Cricket and Fives, but this doesn’t spoil the impact she has had.

David Spencer Memorial Award (Outstanding Contribution to Boys’ Sport)

Louis Nares

David Spencer Memorial Award (for Outstanding Contribution to Boys’ Sport). Louis has shown superb commitment to RSSBC throughout his 5 years at Shrewsbury! Winning VSW in all of his five years at Shrewsbury as well as, many peoples’ personal highlight, making it into the 1st VIII as a 5th former in a crew that went onto the national semi-final. His ergo performances rank him as one of the strongest rowers Shrewsbury has produced so it’s a great shame that the GB trials were cancelled as he would have made his mark on the national scene. It is also a great shame that he wasn’t able to have a final go at NSR and HRR with this year’s crew but this doesn’t distract from his commitment and performances over the course of his time at Shrewsbury.

Elle Gurden Award (Outstanding Contribution to Girls’ Sport)

Olivia Moir

Elle Gurden Award (for Outstanding Contribution to Girls’ Sport): Olivia has played a large role in driving up the standard of the girls rowing at Shrewsbury through her aspirations and determination. She has raised the bar which, in turn, as driven all those in RSSBC to improve alongside her and strive for success. She was a key member of the girls’ 1st Quad that were runners up at NSR and also made it to HRR – it is great shame we weren’t able to go one better this year due to the lockdown. She was also on course for a GB place prior to the lock down but, despite this, what she has achieved alongside her wider school role (as Head Girl) is truly impressive.

Sporting Sixth Form Entrant (Top Sixth Form Entrant Sportsman/woman)

Owen Jones

Owen has been immense for the 1st XI football throughout his time at Shrewsbury – proving defensive stability and grit but also enabling our ‘total football’ style due to his ability on the ball. These attributes were rightly spotted by ISFA where his national representation was a just reward for his commitment.

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