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US American Colleges Conference - 9th June 2011

Monday 13 June 2011

On Thursday afternoon last week Shrewsbury School held its third annual conference on American universities.  Approximately 120 delegates were present, at what was felt to be the most successful conference yet, clearly reflecting a growing level of interest in this whole area. With Shrewsbury now being firmly established as an SAT test centre, having a recent string of students proceeding to famous US Colleges such as Harvard, University of North Carolina, Stanford, and Berklee College of Music, the School has become a focus of American University interest and experience in the Midlands and the North of England.  This was enhanced by the visit of Careers Master Chris Conway to New England in January this year when he visited Brown, Harvard, Yale, RISD, as well as attending the “College Choice” weekend at Choate Rosemary Hall, where he heard presentations from Directors of Admissions from other universities.  The school conferences have not only provided the opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge and experience with Salopian students and parents but also to extend this to other schools and colleges from a very wide area.  

The programme (outlined below) covered the major areas that would be of concern to anyone thinking of applying to an American University, and the questions that emerged showed just how seriously this Higher Education option is being considered. 

The full programme, which contains a lot more information about the application process and the speakers, is available as a pdf file: 2011 USA Universities Conference programme

Why America?  Jamie Dunn - The Fulbright Commission
The Admissions Process  Jon Tabbert - US Education Consultant
A British View of the US College System      Chris Conway   
The SAT Bob Gormley - SAT Consultant
Funding and The Fulbright Commission  Jamie Dunn   

Chris Conway

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