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A Week in the Life of Brendan Parsons (SH 4)

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Brendan, taken by MAJMMonday
Ahh Monday…. The start of a new week. Fortunately for me, Monday is not a bad day; after a trek to the music department for period 1, I feel invigorated and full of life (generally) – in tune with the world! After this wonderful start the day continues averagely with a few lessons until sport. My sport is rowing and I am in the J15 A crew. Today’s session is particularly good as we get to go out in small boats, a single scull or a pair. I generally get my work done early and spend my evening relaxing. My dorm is frequently entertained by Mr. Bell’s ‘high quality’ jokes, his latest being ‘What do you call a girl with a pint of beer on her head?’ ‘Beatrix!’ and then, ‘what do you call a girl with a pint of beer on her head who is playing snooker?’ ‘Beatrix Potter!’  Oh dear!!!

Another early start and this time it is for tutor groups. My tutor is Mrs Wordie who is an expert in German as she is German! We discussed what film to watch on our tutor trip. My first lesson is DT, sometimes referred to as a ‘beef’ but this is not always true as you have to work hard to get things done on time. On Tuesdays I have very little free time, at lunch I have concert band, in which I play the clarinet. It is taken by Mrs Landon another School House tutor so I cannot escape! After periods 6 and 7 I have just enough time to change before rowing. It is known as ‘torture Tuesday’ as we often use the rowing machines or ergos. Having finished this I go straight to tea and then to the music school for Big Band. After this I have just enough time to finish my work before bed.

Another 8:30 start, this time it is chapel. First lesson is English with Mr Middleton followed by German. Wednesdays have the added bonus of being half days and there is no music which means I can actually do some work! Wednesday is also an opportunity for me to rest and catch up on missed sleep, although it is one of the longer rowing sessions.

Brendan in the New Boys Race, in 2010Thursday
On Thursday I have to be ready for School by 8am as it is Brass Quintet. I then have Double German with Dr Minns which is always a truly uplifting experience. I then have maths with the amiable Mr Lucas followed by Double Chemistry with Mr Schofield who has only been here a year. In the afternoon I become half of the dual coaching team (along with Toby Thomas) helping Mr Bell to train our mighty novice four crew. Although there is still room for improvement I am confident of success! I then have a hard rowing session myself followed by wind band in the evening. This is the hardest of all my ensembles especially when there is not much wind left in me after rowing!

No early start today. Friday lessons are nice and relaxing! Periods 4 and 5 I have IT and PSHE with The Reverend Dobbie. This is the high point of the week! I also look forward to fish and chips for lunch and then it is Maths and French. In the afternoon it is rowing again. We are preparing for a regatta tomorrow.  I go straight to tea and then it is clarinet quartet immediately followed by brass band. A hectic evening!

Toby Thomas, Jack Burberry-Casey, Brendan Parsons & Freddie Rowley - learning to row last yearSaturday
Once again I have to get up early, (it is lucky I sleep well as I am in a typically well-ordered School House dorm), this time it is for the marching band. We can be heard sometimes playing in the Fives courts as people go to lessons. On Saturdays in English we have a resetting test this time on our study book, ‘The Custody of the Pumpkin’ by PG Wodehouse. At 1:45 I have to be down at the boathouse for a regatta. It is between the RSSBC, The Pengwern Boat club, Guildford and a crew from Paris – the vestiges of the Shrewsbury Regatta which was cancelled due to wet weather. To select our categories we do a timed ‘head’ type race. My eight happily set the fastest time of the day. In our first side-by-side race we are up against the 5th form four. It was the second fastest crew and we beat it easily. There followed a long wait and then we raced the under 14 A octuplet. They would have the advantage of the inside and twice the oar surface area, but we were not going to let them win! After a short but intense race we beat them by about a length of clear water, a great success indeed. Following this I went home for a weekend with my family to celebrate my birthday!

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