Shrewsbury School

A Week in the Life of Daniel Powell (Ch 3)

Monday 11 March 2013

Daniel PowellMonday
Wake up at about 7:15 and go over to KH for croissant and a hot chocolate.  The walk back to house is cold but wakes me up.  Lessons start at 9:00. English: nice and easy but I get set a 700 hundred word essay (not so good). Biology is much better; learning about fungi includes making beer! Then I head off to a singing lesson with Mr May. We work through some new songs and plan ahead for a possible concert which sounds exciting. After lunch there is a chance to catch up with some overdue work and then rush off to Spanish and Latin. More rushing to get changed and down to the boathouse for an outing and then back for supper.  After some music practice there is time to watch the Big Bang Theory before top schools.  I collapse into bed and stay there until Tuesday.  It was a busy day.

Monday and Tuesday are quite alike. They had similar lessons and sports. I liked history because of my teacher and because were studying my favourite topic, Napoleon. After this, it’s almost a complete replica of Monday. Same sort of work and same sort of top schools.

When I woke up at 7:00 I was thinking about the day ahead. The best lesson of the day was definitely Chemistry.  We saw the alkali metals exploding and reacting with water.  Art was calmer as we finished our drawings and began to paint them. I enjoyed that a lot because it helped me relax. Then after lunch I got changed for rowing.  I’m coxing the C octo for our first competition of the season. We did a short piece of racing and then loaded the boats on the trailer for Friday. Bring on the schools sculling head!

The thing that is in my mind is that I’m tired. Almost coach weekend but I’m still tired. Breakfast doesn’t wake me up and nor does my shower. Assembly starts the cogs and I’m up and running for period 1 and 2. Then we have a really interesting Geography lesson where we talk about the blood on our phones caused by our need for resources from the Congo which results in war and suffering.  I’m much more awake after that.  The afternoon passes quickly with music and IT, followed by choir practice.  Before bed I watch my house play which is a comedy of misunderstanding and growing chaos. It was absolutely hilarious and certainly worth it. The day then ends as I collapse on my bed

From early on I was nervous and excited. The day of the sculling head and the coach weekend ahead. We set off at 9:00 and after a three hour coach journey we arrived at Eton Dorney where it was wet, cold and grey. We unloaded and rigged the boats and soon watched the first of our crews row off into the mist and waited for our turn. Soon a marshal called  ”crew 432 to the landing stage”. We got our oars in and we set off. Down the racecourse we went. We were a powerful boat. We kept a steady pace. Then on our way back, disaster struck. A blade came loose and we only just managed to get it back in. We then pushed harder and eventually got to the end. Our coach was proud of us. And we were proud of ourselves. We had made a mistake and come up standing and had kept going. No matter where we came, it felt as if we had won.

The Weekend
The coach weekend was a nice break from all the work and pressure of school life. I slept in late, played games, did some music practice (for my piano exam next week), and spent time with my family.   We had a nice pizza meal on the way back to school to celebrate Mother’s Day and then it was back to Churchill’s to catch up on all that stuff needed for Monday morning.

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