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A Week in the Life of Rebecca Home (MSH UVI)

Thursday 11 October 2012

Becky HomeI have just begun my second year at Shrewsbury School and I am loving every minute of it! Being Head of Mary Sidney Hall adds to my hectic schedule, but I enjoy this position of responsibility.

Monday is a pretty busy day for me; I start the morning with Spanish and then two study periods. After these I head to double biology, where I had a test on respiration. Not the best way to start the week but sadly it has to be done! Then into the afternoon where I had Chemistry and Spanish, as you can see I take quite a strange mix of subjects but I enjoy the different aspects they all can offer, meaning I’m never bored. After lessons on a Monday we have inter house sport between Mary Sidney Hall and Emma Darwin, which let’s just say becomes very heated and the rivalry is at its peak. This week we played hockey where I played for the 1st team.

Tuesday is chemistry-fuelled since I have triple chemistry in the morning. After this I went to speak to Mr Conway about university and course choices in my study period which actually led me to think about different science based courses universities offer. In the afternoon I had Spanish in which we are currently going over the quite controversial topic of racism. This week was a bit different to the others in the fact that I got to go to the University of Birmingham to a chemistry lecture on fireworks followed by a curry, so it isn’t all work there is some play!
Wednesday I started the day by having a driving lesson in the morning since I had two study periods, followed by biology and chemistry lessons. In the afternoon, I had a hockey match against Wrekin where I was captain for the 2nd team and led my team to victory 4-3, with us scoring the winning goal in the last thirty seconds; it is safe to say everyone’s adrenaline was very high! 

Thursday for me involves a full set of five lessons plus chapel; double biology, chemistry, double Spanish. After this I had a Spanish oral on the topic of racism which certainly broadens your view on the theme. On Thursday afternoon I don’t have any activities so instead catch up on my work and also play fives at five. I had never played fives before coming to Shrewsbury so it was certainly a new experience, but I have really enjoyed it, and reached the semi-finals with my partner Tilly in the beginner’s competition at nationals last year, which was definitely a highlight.

Friday starts off with double Spanish and the double biology. After lessons I had a driving lesson since I had the afternoon off. Friday afternoon I actually went home since on Saturday I went to Manchester University open day, which was very useful and helped my decision on what course to study at university. After my open day I came back to school to watch the charity fashion show which my friends had organised and I was impressed since it was very professional. Sunday I went to chapel and then went home for the day where took my horse round a farm ride.

So that is a typical week for me, as you can see I love sport and being active and try to never have a moment spare! 

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