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A Week in the Life of Will Bridges Webb (Rt UVI)

Thursday 21 March 2013

Will Bridges WebbUnlike my usual late wake up of 8:45, I had to wake up bright and early to prepare for possibly one of the most terrifying things I have done at Shrewsbury School. Like most things, it sounded like a great idea to volunteer to take part in a small stage production in front a few peers, until it was revealed to me that In fact that this less than prestigious event was to be performed to the whole school.  8 o’clock arrived and pulling a sickie seemed the only other option to massacring myself on stage. However, 15 minutes later I found myself standing In the Alington with my fellow actors. Through re-enacting a game show, we planned to advertise the events which were happening during the upcoming Charities day. I drew the short straw by having to act like the village idiot, which I would just like to say is not my normal role in society. By 8:30am the hall was nearly full and nerves had finally hit their peak. I needn’t have worried though as my part was done quickly with the only embarrassment being the unintended double entendre.  Soon ‘Shrewsbury’s Cleverest’ was crowned which to many was a rather controversial result!  Within no time I was out of the hall and my rather meagre day commenced. I spent the rest of the day trying to avoid the general population of Shrewsbury in an attempt to prevent any reminder of earlier events. But, rugby training arrived and the onslaught began. Fortunately being off games due to eye meant it lasted only a short time. The day finally came to a close with the remaining interesting event being the talk from Mr Turner about the future developments in callover in Ridgemount.

Back to my usual routine, this included a rather rushed cup of tea, and according to my year, a disgraceful double Windsor knot tie. Double history beckoned, with the infamous ‘Zoo set’, Doc Morrough was ecstatic to see his favourite group of history lovers as usual and soon the delights of Irish history began and then ended. The relief of a PR arrived at 10 25am and I was soon watching the new episode of the Walking Dead  while frantically trying to search for my copy of the Aeneid for my lesson with Mr Clark after break. Lunch arrived within no time and the prospect of one remaining lesson helped add a positive light to the day. Before my last lesson started we had our sports options, with team tennis being my only choice.  After lessons had finished and sport began, I had time to go to town pick up some essentials. Top schools arrived, and the joy of my history coursework sunk in.

Wednesday started and making use of my double PR in the morning I was showered and ready at 9am to commence some work. RS with Mr Hellier was my first lesson, followed by double history with Mr Cook which consisted of flicking through copious amounts of history books to use in our essays.  Lunch was welcomed and Ridgemount’s usual highly philosophical, intellectual and unsettled debates surrounding whether Usain Bolt or The Koran are more widely known in the world (outside opinions would be very much welcome). I filled my afternoon with grot shop and a trip to the gym which consisted more of socialising rather than exercising.

The day before Charities Day had arrived and as Vice-Chairman of the Committee (probably should have mentioned that earlier), I was being bombarded with instructions from Mrs Drew about Friday. There was a certain amount of anticipation building over how smoothly the day would run as along with the rest of the Committee, a huge amount of time had been put into a day which had never really been seen at the school. Thursday is my only day without a PR and the early wake up for Chapel does add to the fatigue. Mr Clark presented to us his theory of life, fortunately we had a double lesson with him that afternoon and so were able to quiz him over the bicycle escapade during his first year at the school.   Coursework filled up most of the day along with a tutorial with Doc Godwin at lunch with our usual talk of UCAS and oddities in the ancient world, dampened only by the disappointment of our fellow tutee, the Head of School, failing to join our gathering.

The big day had arrived and there was much to look forward to. I had volunteered myself to be the wing man for Oscar Lewis in the prestigious Hot Dog eating competition. However, lessons were still on.  A test on Medea was the first order of the day. Next I found myself outside RS listening to a self -proclaimed student of the Hot Dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, Charlie Farquhar. Still, my faith lay in Oscar and the tension started to build. On the way out of the Lyle Building madness confronted me, the line for the Krispy Kreme Donuts. The wait was worth it and soon I was in possession of 3 original Glaze. Lunch arrived quickly and the anticipation was high. We soon arrived at the Ashton Theatre, which was jam-packed with the many sadists of our school. We disappeared behind the curtain along with the rest of the competitors. The rules were simply whoever ate the most hot dogs by the time the music stopped won. In true underdog fashion, none other than Alastair Duffield won; my friendship with Oscar had been destroyed along with an unhealthy amount of frankfurters and bread. However, the day was not yet finished, The Leg Waxing and Shrewsbury’s version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ brought about a huge amount of laughter and embarrassment with Miss Burge and Dr Foulger being the victors. Unfortunately I was unable to gain a ticket for the highly sought after ‘Mr Greetham gig’, but everyone was soon raving about the performance and I think another would be highly welcome. It was a relief at the end of the day that it had gone so well and bed beckoned.

The weekend was finally here and we were all looking forward to having a curry that night. I had 4 lessons in the morning which were Class Civ, History and RS. I took that afternoon as an opportunity to catch up on some much needed work. 7 o’clock arrived and the routine of preparing for a night out arrived. Curry House was our destination and we were immediately surrounded by a rather depressed lot of English rugby fans when we arrived back (at 10 o’clock on the dot). We soon settled down in front of a film.

Sunday brought the prospect of redoing my history coursework. Fortunately I had Chapel out, but my ideal 11am wake up was destroyed by the high pitch chatter of the 3rd and 4th forms leaving for their paintballing trip at 8 o’clock. Brunch was duly welcomed and soon work was laid before my eyes much to my dismay which was the backbone for the rest of my day. Evening Chapel was as relaxing as usual. My week was finally over and Easter was starting to beckon. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years in the sixth form at Shrewsbury, following my move from Uppingham.  I feel I have grabbed all the amazing opportunities on offer here and the school has set me up for the next stage in my career.

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