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Wet and windy news from the Boat Club

Thursday 13 February 2014

The Boat Club has had a challenging start to the year, with very high river levels, high winds and flooding. However, as Director of Rowing Athol Hundermark explains - with some atmospheric photos - the crews have been busy nonetheless and the new boathouse has been put to excellent use.

There have been very few opportunities for crews to get out on the water this term due to the very high river levels, and high winds and flooding have meant that numerous events have been cancelled.

However, the School’s new boathouse, opened in September 2012, has been put to very good use with a variety of combinations of ergos, circuits, weight training and tank work entertaining and developing the oarsmen and oarswomen in preparation for getting back out on the water.

On 1st February the Boat Club had a club ergo relay with ten teams made up of boys and girls across the age groups going head to head on the ergo. The racing was tight fought and there was a great club atmosphere, with the lead changing hands regularly in the three races and new J14s racing alongside boys from the 1st VIII.

On 8th February the Boat Club held a hog roast at short notice, as another wet and windy day curtailed plans to train at Nottingham.  With access to the boat bays impossible as the river flowed through the boathouse, the workshop was turned into the serving area. The food was enjoyed by all, along with a series of rowing-based fun activities in the boathouse.

Please click on the images below to open up a gallery of photos taken at the boathouse during the last fortnight.

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