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Winners announced for this year’s Shrewsbury School Academy Awards

Thursday 17 June 2021

The winners of the inaugural Shrewsbury School Academy Awards were announced last week in a glamorous award ceremony.

Hosted by Deputy Head of Co-Curricular Peter Middleton, the award ceremony recognised our pupils’ hard work during the One Day Film Festival weekend in Lent Term, where they were able to act, edit and produce some impressive short films.

From Western-inspired films to Tarantino-esque crime capers, there certainly was something for everyone to enjoy.

A dozen Shrewsbury School staff were appointed as members of the academy to judge the films on show and pick their winners, as well as to help announce the champions, which were:

  • Best Actor -  Anson P (O, IV)
  • Best Actress -  Alice L (MSH, IV)
  • Best Supporting -  Actor Brad K (R, IV)    
  • Best Supporting Actress -  Emma D (G, III)
  • Best Staff Cameo - Maureen Donahue (G)
  • Best Set Design -  Ingram’s              
  • Best Costume Design - Severn Hill
  • Best Cinematography - Mico X (EDH, IV)
  • Best Film Editing - Marco C (O, LVI)              
  • Best Visual Effects - Napat S (MSH, IV)           
  • Best Makeup & Hairstyling - Mary Sidney Hall              
  • Best Screenplay - Oldham’s Hall    
  • Best Picture - Oldham’s Hall    

Deputy Head of Co-Curricular, Peter Middleton, said “The pupils were brilliant during the One Day Film School weekend and produced films that impressed the judges for their creativity, imagination and flair.  The inaugural Awards Night presentation was great fun and provided a bit of glitz and glamour as we revealed the winners in the 13 categories.  Well done to all the winners and likewise all who took part!”

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