Shrewsbury School

After Shrewsbury

Life at Shrewsbury is so busy and full of diverse activities that it can be hard to imagine ever leaving, let alone planning for a future that might still seem a way off. However, the choice of A Levels brings some sense of a world beyond School life, and it helps for pupils to be aware of the wide range of opportunities that follow.

The principal choices after A Levels are Higher Education, a Gap Year, and some form of School Leavers’ Programme. Further information on all these choices is available in this section, and on how the Careers Team help pupils prepare to succeed.

But just as A Levels prepare pupils for university, so pupils also need to prepare to work and become employable, whether that is during a Gap Year, work experience or through a more permanent job. There is further information on how the Careers Team support pupils through the preparation of CVs, cover letters and interview technique, and how the Salopian Club connects current pupils with former pupils and parents who are willing to share their experience and expertise. As part of that process, Work Experience is essential. The Careers Team help pupils identify their goals for work experience and give them guidance on how to make effective applications.

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