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Sabrina Club – Rules (2010)

(These rules include amendments/alterations passed at the AGM held at the School Boathouse at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday October 27th 2010.)

1 The Club shall be called the SABRINA CLUB. The Club colours shall be chocolate, royal blue and silver.
2 Salopians shall be eligible as members of the club who:
a. are members of the Old Salopian Club.
b. have been members of the School Crew or Girls first VIII, or have attained a high standard of oarsmanship at the School, at their University, or in any rowing club recognised by the British Rowing or have been recommended by the Master in Charge of Rowing
c. Election of a member shall be constituted by an invitation to take up membership followed by acceptance and (except in the case of honorary members) compliance with Rule 15.
3 The Committee shall have power, where they consider they have special reasons, to elect as members, or as honorary members, persons not eligible under rule 2.
4 The Officers of the Club shall be President, Captain, Secretary and Treasurer.
5 The Committee shall consist of not more than fifteen members. The President, Captain, Secretary and Treasurer of the Club shall be ex officio members of the Committee.
6 The President, Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and elective members of the Committee shall be elected annually for a period of three years, and upon retirement, each shall be eligible for re-election at any subsequent election.
7 The Treasurer, subject to the control of the Committee, shall be responsible for the finances and property of the Club.
8 The right of election to membership of the Club shall be vested in the committee alone. The Committee shall also have power to demand the resignation of any member if it be considered necessary in the interests of the Club.
9 General Meetings of the Club shall be held at Shrewsbury annually, unless, for a special reason, the Committee shall decide otherwise. Meetings will normally be in the Club Room on the weekend of the Old Salopian Gathering (normally October)
10 Agenda for General Meetings shall be drawn up by the Committee. Any member wishing to introduce, at a General Meeting, any motion which may affect the finances of the Club or whose effect may be contrary to, or an alteration of these Rules shall give notice, in writing, to the Secretary at least a fortnight before that meeting but such notice may be waived by a resolution supported by at least two-thirds of the members present at that meeting.
11 The Chairman of a General Meeting shall, in the event of an equality of voting, have a second or casting vote.
a. The Committee shall meet whenever necessary, at any time and at any place which they may appoint. Three members shall be a quorum for all purposes.
b. The Committee may conduct the business of the club by any currently accepted electronic means e.g. email, fax, conference call etc.
12 The Committee may appoint a sub-committee of one or more of their number, may delegate to a sub-committee all or any of the Committee’s powers and may regulate a sub-committees proceedings.
13 The Secretary shall send to each member on election a welcoming letter, club brochure, copy of the rules of the Club and a list of officials.
14 Each member on accepting election shall pay a single Life Subscription of £30 (Thirty Pounds) [set in 2008]
15 Members of the Club may compete under the Club colours in any regatta held under the rules of British Rowing provided that they obtain the approval of, and observe any conditions imposed by, such members of the Club as the Committee may from time to time empower to sanction applications to compete.
16 All members rowing for the Club shall be liable for their personal expenses, but entrance fees and other rowing expenses may be paid out of Club funds.
17 The Rules of the Club shall not be amended except where due notice of an amendment has been given under Rule 10, and by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the General Meeting of the Club held next after the giving of such notice.

M Davies (Hon Sec) 10th October 2010

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