Shrewsbury School

Dedicated Athlete Programme

The Shrewsbury School Dedicated Athlete Programme aims to provide a supportive infrastructure that will enable and encourage our most talented sportsmen and women to maximise their potential and meet their personal aspirations of playing at the highest possible level.

The goal is to support the long-term athletic development of our young aspiring athletes and put them in the best possible position at the end of their time at Shrewsbury School to enjoy a long and successful career in sport.

We have created a framework of specialist support, following the high performance pathway, which includes aspects of the following:

  • Sports Science Support (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Specialist Skills Training
  • Sports Performance Education
  • Performance Analysis
  • Mentoring
  • Sporting Trips/Excursions

Who is the programme for?

Any pupil at Shrewsbury who is able to meet the criteria and demonstrate a suitable playing pedigree and appropriate attitude can access the Dedicated Athlete Programme.

All Sports Scholars are automatically enrolled. Consideration for selection include positive feedback in the following areas: attitude, motivation, behaviour, maturity, academic and sports performance.

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