Shrewsbury School

Our Statement of Aims

Shrewsbury School has a strong vision, derived from its position as a major co- educational boarding school of international reputation. It aims to instill a rigorous approach to academic work, based on the encouragement of independent thinking and intellectual curiosity. The school believes that learning should be a habit that is inculcated for life, not only a means to short-term examination success.

Through its diverse opportunities, Shrewsbury School aims to encourage and enable pupils to become caring, thoughtful, confident members of society. Ambitious yet not arrogant, generous in spirit, interesting, interested and able to respect and communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds.

To this end, Shrewsbury will always strive to achieve the highest possible standards in the breadth and quality of its curriculum, the provision of its facilities and resources, and the achievements - whether academic, sporting, musical, theatrical or artistic - of its pupils and staff. Shrewsbury delights in the uniqueness of its education; a blend of values, traditions, inspiring people, a beautiful location, participation in the world beyond school, and a strong belief that life is what you make of it.

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